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A day by the sea

It was a sunny day. I hired a boat with my sister. Ten minutes later we had a boat. We drove with the boat. And there were fish and dolphins. Then the weather changed. It was stormy. The wind pushed us onto the rocks and we crashed into them. I was on an island. And I shouted. Later I could find my sister Lily. Lily’s phone was in the water. We could not phone for help. Then a helicopter came. We shouted but they didn’t hear us. I made a fire and ten minutes the island was on fire. The helicopter returned and flew us home.

by Marko



A day by the sea

My friend and  I drove with the car to the sea. We had fun . I looked at the street and saw smoke , I said to my friend, "I go to the smoke." One minute later I saw a man with his car. The car was on fire. We phoned the ambulance. A helicopter carried the man to the hospital.The car was a hired car. The man was very happy ,he told us the story with the hired car before the helicopter flew away. My friend and I had a story for the school magazine.


by Sara


  A day by the sea

On Saturday I went with my best friend Josh to the sea. I swam in the sea alone. My friend Josh played beachvollyball at the beach. I swam and then I saw a blue octupus.
It was very fast and I swam to the beach and the octupus bit me. Josh came fast to me and hit the octupus. Then the octupus swam away. The camera man and the director found this story cool and then there was a new film "a day by the sea".

 by Emre Arikan


A Day by the Sea

I went with my friends to the sea. We drove a boat.
It was a sunny day and we had fun. Silently the weather changed.
It began to rain. I saw lot of rocks. We shouted:, AHHH!
Then we were on an island.
My friend Sara called her parents. But there was no signal. We made fire.
A helicopter arrived! We were happy. Then we all went home.

 by Özlem


 A Day by the Sea

On the 8th of Dezember Jenifer and Goffy were very happy, when  the helicopter returned  them.
One day Goffy bought a boat, and swam with Jenifer (his best friends) in sea. They were very happy, but fiveteen minutes later there was a strong wind. The Wind push the boat with Jenifer and Goffy close to a small island. Jenifer and Goffy made a fire with sticks, but wind pushed the fire to the trees and the small island was on fire. Then a helicopter arrived and helped them. Jenifer and Goffy were very happy to be back at home.

 by Hubert

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