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Sandra was at home with her mum and her dad. At 7 o’clock in the morning her friend Isabell came to her. Then Isabell and Sandra played “catching lolly” and “uhou fight”. Her mum cooked and her dad sang. Sandra’s mum said: ‘‘Sandra, Isabell let’s eat!‘‘ Something was wrong but what was it ? There was a fire in the kitchen! Sandra’s dad phoned the ambulance and the police. They came. Then the fire was out and they were happy again. At 8 o’clock pm Sandra and Isabell went to bed.

by Hanna




Max and Tom were in Max's Treehouse. They played with Max's Xbox and they really had fun. At 7:00 pm Max's mum came to the treehouse and said:''Hello? Tom you can sleep in Max's room . We go to a party. Bye Bye Bye.''

They went to cooked a cake and cookies.

Suddenly there was a fire in the kitchen.''Oh no'',said Max.

Tom and Max ran out.The house was in fire.The house was burning and the police came. Tom and Max were shocked. At 11:00 pm the police saved everybody.

That was a shock!

by Sarah D.Sp.



This week in my grandmother’s house was a fire . My grandmother was on holiday with her girlfriend in Mallorca. The fire was in the 12th apartments. We ran down the stairs.

The ambulance and police came in the house. In the house were 105 people and 1dog. One person is now in the hospital and one is dead. The fire was out after 2 hours.

by Sarah J.




On friday in the morning there was a young man. His name was Paul.

He went to school with friend. After lunch school ended. Tobi and Paul went to the cinema.The film end after 2h. Suddenly after 1h there was a big fire in the cinema. All people ran outside . But Tobi was still in the cinema because he slept in the cinema.The fireman clear the fire with water. Tobi was up in the cinema. "What happened here?" he asked Paul. Then they went back home.

 by Emre Arli



It was a sunny day my mum and my dad went in a restaurant.I was alone at home. I went to my bedroom. Then I was hungry and I made Pizza.I put the Pizza into the oven. And I went to my bedroom. 30 min later I went to the kitchen. I saw smoke I ran to the mobile phone and I phoned the firebrigade. 4 min later they arrived. The firemen killed the fire.

 by Armin



Last weekend I went to the park with my friend.Then we saw smoke.There were ten trees on fire and a house.We phoned the firemen.They went in the house and rescued a man and then the ambulence came. The firemen said to us "Go away it´s very dangoures !"We went home and we told my parents everything about the fire and the ambulance and the firemen.That was a very hot story and it was a dangouras.

 by Timon


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