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My last weekend - email


I was at home with my family. We had a short weekend because on Monday was a test. I had to learn for the test. My cat was very excited because a dog came to our house. And the dog was very tired. My cat Chalos went to the dog and the dog stood up. My cat ran to my room and the dog ran after the cat. In my room I learned and the dog was very excited


by Oliver



Last Friday I went on a Halloween tour with Hanna. We went around in Pucking and asked for candies. I went like a zombie. It was great and very funny. First we went to a house near her grandma. This house was very scary because there were spiders and pumpkins everywhere. And when we saw on the clock there were blood. Then we rang the bell but the door didn´t open. We were very nervous. Suddenly the door opened and a friendly man stood in the door and gave us very good candies. This house was great!


by Katharina



On Friday my family and I went to the mountains. A helicopter flew us to the hill. We went slowly. Then a rabbit came and it was lovely. And I said to my mom that I was hungry. We were running. There was a cave in the mountain. We sat in the cave and drank tea. And then it was night. But we saw the street and all went home. Next day we were at home. And I ate pizza. This was my weekend.


by Marko


Hello Kandra.

In the morning I ate in a restaurant. It was beautiful and in the afternoon I was at the beach. The weather on the beach was very cold for July. I found a blue ring octopus. It was beautiful. In the evening I ate my favourite dinner. It is potato with broccoli and mustard. Then I went to my blue bed.

Goodbye Kandra.

by Hanna



I am Yasin I tell you about my weekend. I was in Vienna. In the morning I was outside with my cousin and we played football. In the afternoon we went shopping. It was very cool with him. Then in the evening we went to him and we played computer games. On the next day in the morning we went home. It was very cool. That was my weekend, goodbye

by Yasin


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